Achieving Financial Success: Essential Components

On this blog, most of the articles are devoted to specific issues, some important points of financial literacy, for example, such as compound interest or reasonable money saving . However, let’s digress from the details and focus on the most important. On our ultimate goal – financial success! To whom, how, but something has always prompted me: to achieve it, it is not enough to learn the basics of financial preparation and make the necessary efforts in order to achieve it . The path to financial success is not so simple. Need something else.

How to achieve financial success in life?

The most important thing, in my opinion, is not to dwell on money. No, this does not mean that you should forget about them at all. This means that it is not necessary to achieve only financial success. Among the people who are fascinated by the books of Kiyosaki and Schaefer (namely, these people are exactly like a military rocket, aimed precisely at achieving purely monetary victories) there is a desire to achieve everything in life by saving, investing and outstanding economic sharpness. This path is, of course, more than real. But it suits not everyone. In many cases it is much more sensible to use their abilities and time to enrich themselves in other ways (starting a business, well-paid work, creativity, invention, and so on). And financial literacy, your deep economic knowledge will help strengthen and developyour success on these fronts. That is: to achieve a good financial position, it is necessary to do the thing that suits you the most, and the funds received, income, profit – to invest with the knowledge obtained on this site (and on others, of course). I already wrote about this approach in the article “ Is Passive Income Real ”. Again. Why exactly this approach is good? Yes, simply because not everyone in his abilities, temperament, and luck can finally be excellent investors. But if in your life you do not rely on Kiyosaki ideas, but on your unique features and advantages, you do not need to be an exclusive investor. It is enough for you to be an average investor – and you will shine on other fronts. Do you understand?The formula for success is to choose your path, it is yours, not the one that advises someone else’s uncle, even if he is an American millionaire .

Secrets of financial success

Actually, there are no special secrets. The most important secret is already described above. However, some tips may be helpful:

  • Manage not only your personal budget, but also yourself: your time, your emotions, your efficiency.
  • Strive not only for money (yes, I know that I repeat, this was done consciously) – strive for harmony in life.
  • Remember tit in hand. The risk must be moderate and manageable. 
  • (in continuation of the previous paragraph) Your success should have a solid foundation. And you should be aware of what it is. This may be the notorious monetary savvy. And also – the talent formed by hard work. Or a firm with a stable customer base. Or … Find this foundation, and be honest with yourself. If it is not there – well, you realized it in time, it’s time to create it.

How to achieve success in relation to money: three stages

In conclusion, all of the above is summarized in a short and intelligible instruction. Actually, for her, the post was written. So: 
1. We define our abilities and inclinations. Choose a field of activity that best suits you.

2. We set specific intermediate goals – what and how will you achieve on the chosen path.

3. We obtain new knowledge and work by fulfilling the points of the plan and adjusting it in passing.

4. We consolidate our victory in professional activity with the help of financial instruments: we create reserves of money in reliable instruments, we invest in obtaining an additional source of passive income. 
Like that! As you can see, the article is very general. If you want specifics, welcome, for example, here: how to get rich through investments .

Volie Septing
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