Money, Status, and Freedom: Self-Employment Myths

Entrepreneurship is no longer perceived as an occupation for the elect. We constantly hear stories about completely ordinary people who started their own business: a classmate has opened a grocery store, a neighbor is selling knitted soft toys via the Internet …

Yes, it’s easy to become a boss for yourself. The main thing – do not regret their choice a couple of months later. 

Where business is, there is money

Individual entrepreneurs are far from necessarily becoming wealthy people. Take the example of a neighbor who knits toys. She is full of competitors – skilled workers who knit and sew the same or even better. In order for its products to be sold easily and at a high price, a woman must display outstanding commercial talents:

  • make the product memorable, different from analogues;
  • ensure perfect product quality;
  • conduct a brilliant advertising campaign on all possible fronts;
  • create and promote your site.

It is very likely that her needlework will remain nothing more than an additional gain, bringing money to the pins.

It is difficult for an entrepreneur to be confident in the future.

While you are being paid a salary, you may be suffering from a shortage of money, but at least for sure you know what amount will be on hand next month. Beginner PI does not know whether to stay afloat for another week, month, year.

He will gain some sense of stability and will set high prices for goods / services when he becomes a recognized expert, makes a name for himself. More precisely, not when, but if.

To be ip prestigious

Old friends and new acquaintances will appreciate your courage. The phrase: “I’m tired of working for my uncle and now my own master” sounds beautiful.

However, after registering an enterprise, you will not receive any ready-made social benefits .

Symbols of success – good suits, car, etc. – are not issued to entrepreneurs as compensation for the harmfulness of work. Any “buns” have to buy for personal money. The money will always go to the maintenance and development of business.

Suppliers and partners will not look at you as a big boss, and customers – even more so. We’ll have to negotiate, give in, sometimes even please. Imagine how stressful it is.

The entrepreneur is his own master

Where does the dream of self-employment begin? Most often – with the desire to feel free man. Grace – no bosses to you: act on your own discretion, plan the schedule taking into account family circumstances. Need a day off – please. He wanted to change the situation – easily.

There are businessmen in the world who post photos on their pages with views of the mountains and the sea – that’s supposedly my today’s office.

Do not be fooled! “Beach” entrepreneurs are most often either business coaches who want to interest potential customers with their product, or oligarchs.

An ordinary self-employed person is too immersed in minor daily worries to travel to the mountains with documents and a laptop on a weekday.

This business does not let you relax for a minute – you have to constantly decide , solve, solve, and with full awareness of the stubborn fact: you will have to answer for all the mistakes yourself.

There is, however, another side of the coin: any success in business is at least partly a personal achievement of its creator.

Volie Septing

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