Can I open a contribution for another person?

We will not hesitate to answer the question: yes, it is quite possible to open a deposit in the interests of a third party.

But – be prepared to face certain difficulties.

Deposit as a gift

Putting money in the bank for another person can be different.

The first way is to make a normal contribution to yourself and write out a power of attorney for a relative, friend or partner , which allows you to manage the funds contributed. If you want to give money as a gift (for example, for the upcoming wedding), such a scheme is unlikely to be acceptable.

The next option is to put money on behalf of theperson to whom you want to transfer the amount; for this, it will not be necessary for him to get a power of attorney from you, but to you from him. It must be borne in mind that:

  • the bank has the right to collect documents for inspection, which sometimes takes more than one day;
  • it is possible that the subsequent manipulations with the contribution (besides the actual closure within a specified period) will be difficult to access.

Finally, there is another feasible solution – making a contribution to someone’s benefit .

How to open a contribution to the benefit of a third person?

First of all, you need to find a bank with which it will be convenient to deal with. Sometimes financial institutions perform this operation only if there is a voluminous package of documents.

However, many banks make more than adequate requirements.

Sberbank informs customers:

When making a deposit in Russian rubles or foreign currency in favor of a third party, the depositor must present an identity document, as well as provide a notarized copy of the document certifying the Depositor’s identity.

The right to free use of the deposit will pass to the person indicated by you strictly at the time of his first appeal to the bank. Prior to this, you manage the deposit.

Investment, we note, will be insured on a general basis . If a financial organization suddenly revokes the license, the recipient of the compensation from the DIA will be the person in whose favor the money was deposited.

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